House Tour | Exterior

Now to the good stuff! We know the real reason you’re here is to see pictures, and after all the reading I’ve made you endure, we hope we won’t disappoint. We'll start off with the outdoor shots and ease you into the inside. I’ll try to keep my personal commentaries to myself…wait, who am I kidding, I’m going to share all uglies and crazies we found once we took the rose-colored glasses off.

Front Yard
Here's the house in all it's glory in a picture from the realtor's website, (we bought in February, so all our outside pictures are full of snow). We're lucky because the previous owner redid the siding, roof, and windows. When the weather gets better, we'll remove the concrete sidewalk that goes to the street, and make a brick path from the driveway along the porch. Overall, not that bad of a before picture:

Back Yard
Here we have the lonely back yard that's just begging for a deck with room for entertaining, (sigh, maybe next summer):

Or the Man Cave as I've been calling it. Mike has grand plans for his garage, including room for 2 1/2 cars, heat, refrigerator, and I'm sure some bikini clad calendars. Before all his dreams come true, we have to demolish the glorified shed that sits in it's spot right now. This picture actually makes is look somewhat decent. Don't let it fool you, the inside has a gravel base, leaning walls, and (yeah) termites!

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