House Tour | Interior: Main Floor

On to the inside! These pictures were taken during one of our walk-thru's with our realtor. These are true-blue before pictures, we hadn't even made the offer yet.

Living Room
When first walking in to the living room your greeted with hardwood floors, windows, and those stripes. I'm not sure the picture does it justice, it looks a little gray here. Really they're more of a muddy brown, baby-poop green. This weekend I actually primed over them (took two coats!), look for the progress shot coming soon.

Dining Room
The dining room is directly off of the living room to the right. For the most part this room needed very little work:

Through the dining room is the kitchen. Not much we can say here. It's small and ugly, but after we replace the furnace and remove the chimney, we'll be able to tear down the walls to the dining room and gut it. I hope we find a money tree in the backyard soon!

Look for our next post with pictures of the basement and upstairs!

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