Swatch and Learn

I love the new trend of using paint swatches as decoration. Not only because you can't beat the price (free), but also the simple chic effect it creates.

I need a little color in our guest bedroom, it's a little graytastic at the moment, and I desperately want some pops of greens or yellows, or even subtle blues. So I did some reconnaissance at a local Sherwin Williams, (not my regular one - even though the paint swatches are free, I still felt weird about taking a handful). And grabbed some swatches that had colors that I liked. I also grabbed a couple bright ones for a mini project.

I started by removing the paper in the frame I bought from Tar-jay, on sale for $14. Then I simply taped the paint swatches down one at a time with cheap scotch tape. I then overlapped making sure to keep everything in a straight line.

After the whole section is covered, put back in the frame and you have a super cute and affordable (only $14 total!) piece of art.

Now I'm sure by now you've noticed that I said I wanted color and I went out and got blue/gray. I honestly didn't realize that it was almost the same color as the wall until after I put it up on the dresser. At least I know what I like! But, that's the beauty of the swatches, they're free! I think I'll grab some green ones this time, I just can't go back to the same SW or they'll ban me, I'm sure!

Here's a look after I sucked it up and went back to pilfer more swatches and added some more styling to the dresser.

Note: For a quick color swatch project, glue two back-to-back then round edges for a cute bookmark!

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