Boys and Their Toys

A couple weeks ago we kicked off the "Great Garage Build". I think the the most exciting part for Mike (and secretly me) was the equipment we needed to rent. Treating this project as one of his multi-million dollar projects at work, Mike created a schedule, complete with material and equipment loading, with a completion date of around mid-August.

To ensure completion, Mike gave himself, and our friend Norm, a whole three days to complete the foundation. To those not in the construction industry this is what we like to call "crazy". Mike scheduled not only digging of the footer, but an inspection and a concrete delivery, all within hours of each other on Friday. Somehow, the boys pulled it off and a big thanks went to these guys:

Mr. Skid Steer

Mr. Mini Excavator

Here are the boys doing what boys love to do: play in the dirt!

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