When In Rome

Shortly before we moved in we installed blinds throughout the house, finally giving us the much needed privacy. We chose the honeycomb cordless blinds for the ease of use (amazing) and overall look (fabulous). We even used our “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon, wait for it, on the ENTIRE purchase. I hoard those mailed coupons like their going out of style, and nearly jumped off the porch when I found that golden ticket in the mail. I knew we should save it for a special purchase and our blinds we’re the perfect thing. Here is what the window looked like with just the honeycombs.

Though I love our blinds, they’re a bit lacking, so I’ve begun adding much needed curtains to snaz them up.  Since I’m completely lost as to what to do about the green living room (white, beige, a darker green, agh!) I began my snazification in the one room that I have a complete vision, the Guest Room.

I didn’t want anything to overpower the room, since I want a light and airy feel so I decided to try roman shades as a curtain above the window frame. After about an hour of drilling and sweating, (Mike was outside building the garage, so I was on my own), I finally got them up. And let me tell you that they look mighty nice if I do say so myself!

The beauty is that I can still have the look of the roman shades with the functionality of the honeycomb!

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  1. Ooh and ah! Beautiful! So many windows...so little time.