Bathroom Redo | Part Three - Framing & Electrical

We've finally made some more progress on the world's slowest renovation.  It's hard for Mike to want to work on it when the weather has been so nice and things like beer brewing and motercycling riding sound so much more enticing.

The last time we checked in on the progress Mike had updated all of the plumbing.  Since then, Mike has added the subfloor (definitely a welcomed addition so that we can stop walking along the floor joists), and the necessary framing for the shower wall.

As you can see the shower wall is still pretty prominent when you walk in, but there's nothing we could do about it, (unless we completely reworked the layout which would involve some pretty extensive, not to mention expensive, plumbing).  We were able to reduce the wall length about 6 inches and by switching the handing on the shower, we moved it in farther into the room about 12-14".  So, although the pictures show it right in your face, it's much more comfortable in person.

See how the door is more than a foot away from the wall?  In the old bathroom is was closer to a couple inches.  Which made the area behind the door pretty much wasted space, (we stored our laundry hamper and trash can back there).

Standing in the room and looking back at the vanity area, Mike added some framing to build the wall out, (the old vanity back was beefed up to accommodate the difference on this part of the wall compared to the area that the toilet sits against, due to the toilet stack).  

After this work, we pretty much left it sit like this for a couple weeks, but due to the magic of the internet I already have pictures of the next phase, ceilings and insulation.  Not to mention the tub is in!  Mike and our friend Kyle, hauled that bad boy up and Mike shimmied that baby into place.  It's a little tight, and Mike has to make some minor adjustments, but it's in there. 

We also added the drywall to the ceiling and insulation and vapor barrier to the exterior walls.  The room before didn't have any insulation, so we were very excited to add some and hope to notice the difference in the colder weather.

It's finally starting to look like a room.  Here's a better shot of the tub:

Even though it's an interior wall next to the tub, (the other side is the back of the guest room closet), we still chose to add insulation to keep heat in the shower and tub.  Here's looking back at the wall with the plumbing all ready for the shower head and controls.

When I turn to the right from here and look at the vanity, you can see Mike added the boxes for the outlets and vanity lights.  He also insulated around the plumbing for the sinks, (the pvc pipe behind the vapor barrier with the rag in it).

Mike's got a couple more little things to get the room ready for drywall, but I'm really exicted for that step because the room will really start looking like a bathroom again, not to mention we'll be ready for tiling - something that I'm really excited to learn how to do!

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