Virtual Makeover | Porch Edition

This bathroom renovation is beginning to bore me.  Don't tell Mike I said that!  It's just besides helping carry drywall up the stairs and holding things in place while Mike screws/marks/cuts, I'm not a big help during this behind the wall stuff.  (Although, I'm going to get very involved soon, because we have drywall up!  I'll be back later this week to share pictures of that!).

That's why when the last piece of drywall was moved upstairs on Monday and we had our porch back (which has been Mike's storage space and cutting area, Mike and I wasted no time cleaning it up and getting the cushions out of the attic in the garage.
I shared the furniture acquisition story here, and a couple weeks ago I picked up a sisal rug and planters from Ikea.  So, after a good sweep and putting all the furniture in place here's what we're working with now:

While I've already gotten a couple mosquito bites from enjoying the seating, the space is a little tan-tastic for my taste.  But don't worry, I've got plans.

I got a little bored and decided to do a little virtual makeover of our porch to share my plans.  Not only is it fun to see an after picture without breaking a sweat, (or the wallet), I've learned this is a good tool for Mike as well and helps plead my case for when Mike tells me a (insert any sort of decorative item) won't look good there.

Here's what I came up with:

Big difference, eh?  The bones were there, it just needed some color.

Obviously the big show stopper is the rug.  I've had the idea to paint a sisal rug in my mind for ages.  I've seen tons of tutorials online and fell in love with this modern chevron design, which I pinned here, originally from Joss & Main.

Since we already have a red door, I didn't think this coral color would work, and decided to go with a more navy blue color.  I'm loving the way it looks and hope that Mike feels the same way!

The other big change is a lighter cushion color.  This one is the change I'm the most skeptical about.  I've got some skills on the sewing machine, but I've never made slip covers before and I'd be afraid that they might come out all wonky.  Just for kicks I hide this layer in Photoshop to see what it would look like if I chickened out, and I have to say it's not bad:

Either the tan fades into the siding, or the white into the railing, so either way I think it's fine.

The other additions are a lot easier and include adding some plants in the planters (what a novel idea, I know!), some colorful pillows, and some accessories on the table like a lantern to hold some citronella candles and a small lemon thyme plant, (which also repels mosquitoes, obviously the itching bites from hanging out last night had some consideration in these choices).

So, in between painting, tiling, and styling the bathroom, it looks like some rug painting and accessory buying is in my near future.

What do you guys think?  Should I attempt some slipcovers or leave them for now?  And, who doesn't care, but just wants to come over for some margaritas? 

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