DIY {Air Freshners}

Awhile back I pinned a quick and easy DIY air freshener idea using baking soda and essential oils (see the pin here).  I thought it was a great idea, but found the idea of having a couple open containers of baking soda around the house a little scary, especially with our little furry (and very curious) roommate. 

Usually Benelli is really good about keeping out of things, but we never know when something will pique his interest.  Like the bowl of corks which have moved from the living room to the dining room table.  He'll go months without touching them, and then one day we'll come home to 15 or so of them scattered around the room.

So, with this in mind, I've been on the lookout for someway to keep the baking soda contained in case of an errant paw tap.  My quest was over when I found some cheap (99¢ baby!) salt and pepper shakers at Target.  Since they weren't the most attractive thing and I didn't want people asking why we randomly had salt shakers around the house, I found these cute metal lanterns (I think they were $3.49) in the outdoor section, that I could "hide" my little shakers in.

That was a really long explanation for a really simple project, so let's get to it.  I gathered my supplies: baking soda, salt shakers, lanterns, and essential oils, (I bought vanilla and lavender).

I used a makeshift paper funnel to pour the baking soda in the shakers and added about 10 drops of oil.  The lavender is a lot stronger than the vanilla so I used maybe 3-4 drops of that.  I was going for a vanilla/lavender scent, but the lavender was overpowering the vanilla so, I just did that for one and vanilla for the other.

I placed the shakers in the lanterns, and although you can still see the tops, they definitely don't scream, "I'm a salt shaker!" anymore.

I placed them around the house, one in the living room, our bedroom, and a pink one (not pictured) in the guest room.

Really simple, but pretty effective and cheap little air freshener!

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