Bedroomy Art

As I mentioned in my previous post, I made all the artwork in our bedroom.  Not because I particularly wanted a bespoke room, mostly just because I'm cheap.

On the right hand wall I started with my paper heart project and decided on a little grouping of frames.

I actually bought the other two frames before deciding on how I wanted to fill it, and let me tell you, this is the worst way to do it!  They must have sat empty for weeks. 

To explain the black and white woman's outline I have to explain a somewhat ridiculous and inappropriate request Mike made a long time ago.  He said he'd like to have a picture of a naked lady in our house.  Okay, I admit, he has a background in art, so he wasn't really asking for a framed centerfold or anything, but something artsy and modern.  I told him the only place for a naked lady was the bedroom.  So, when I saw the Olunda picture with the Henri Matisse motif I found something that would count as a naked lady and some appropriate bedroom art.  The only problem was, as I mentioned earlier, I already had the frame, and it was a lot smaller than the Olunda picture.  So I made my own.  It's embarrassingly simple and involved black cardstock and a white paint pen.  I used the original picture to free hand in pencil and then went over it in the white pen.  

For the smaller picture I printed out the word LOVE spelled in sign language.  My sister was taking a course that semester and I thought it would be a neat idea.  I printed it on a transparency sheet because after leaving the frame empty for so long I liked the brown backing.  I actually had the transparency sheet lying around for some reason, but I could have printed it on a paper bag or craft paper to get the same result.

On the opposite wall are more Ikea Ribba frames (pretty much the same frame I buy for all the artwork in the house). 

These filled with my favorite poem, [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] by E. E. Cummings.  I was inspired by this pin from Pinterest:

Pinned here

I saw my favorite poem in a new and graphic way and I wanted something similar in the bedroom.  I decided to just find a "hand painted" font instead of painting it myself and chose VNI-HLThuphap (I didn't actually download it from this site because I forgot where I got it from - so download at your own discretion) which has the paint strokes I was looking for.  I used some artist licensing to format the poem into the two frames so it would look even and printed it them out on a large format printer (we have one at work to print of construction drawings, but any Kinko's can make the same size).

And a closeup:

I love the artwork we chose and although they're pretty simple and not a lot of color, they feel right for our master bedroom.

I also think you could infer a lot about our personalities by our choices of artwork: Mike - naked ladies, and me - sentimental poems about love.  Or, I guess it could just be a reflection of the male and female minds!

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