Master Bedroom Reveal

After switching out the sunburst mirror, I promised to share a whole room reveal.  And, I'm ready to deliver. 

I've finally gotten the artwork that I like hung and little tweaks here and there made to get it to a point that I can stop thinking about it now.  Well enough to the point that I could take pictures and not spend an entire post talking about the changes that I want to make.  Since the room was just a beige box (hiding some very scary neon splatter) anything in there would be an improvement.

Mike and I aren't feng shui masters or anything, but we both have always agreed that the bedroom is a sanctuary and isn't the place for computers or tv's and pictures of a bunch of people.  We like to have a comfy bed, a bunch of pillows, and maybe a few good books to get our read on sometimes.  That's it. 

With that school of thought, the bedroom was really easy to decorate, made even more simple by the fact that when Mike and I started dating, he came with a bedroom set.  While I'm not a fan of light wood usually, I set out to make it work and painted the walls a calm blue (Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray) which worked with the light tones of his bed frame.

The room itself isn't that big so once the bed and a couple end tables went in it seemed like enough and we decided to put his dresser in the guest room, which is also our dressing room, so it worked out well.  I don't really like cookie cutter sets, so this was a good compromise to divide the pieces around.  Both the exterior walls have offset windows, which are good for natural light, but not so great for room planning.  I've always had my beds opposite of the door, so I chose to put it against the window and work around it.  Since the room is small and the windows on each side balance each other, it works. 

I added some curtains (JC Penney), a rug (Home Depot), some artwork (DIY), and some accessories and have since called it a day.  So, here it is, our pretty basic, super comfortable, nap-inducing, (in a good way of course), calming master bedroom:

The artwork:

His and Hers:

The view from the guest room:

And, since I tried to take some photos from relatively the same angles that I did during our initial walk-thru with the relator (long before I decided to start the blog), I thought I share back to backs.  We still haven't installed the doors, so excuse the open closet, but we've made some purchases that will hopefully make that a reality sooner than later.

Since all of the artwork I've DIY'd, I'll be back with a post about how I did each one.

Whew, another  room down, only the rest of the house to go!


  1. First off, it's beautiful! I want to take a nap there too, but not in a creepy way.

    Second, I ADORE that female form drawing of yours. You really did that? I might need to recreate that for my own bedroom. Simply stunning.

    1. Thanks Leah!

      I can't take credit for the female drawing, it's actually the "Olunda" from Ikea, ( but it only comes in one size, so I just used a white pen to draw it on black cardstock. Pretty sneaky, eh?

  2. I seriously love this!! Can't wait to see your post about the artwork!

  3. You've done a lovely job and I've got this linked to my master bedrooms post too today, well done!