Sunburst Switch

I realized I haven't posted pictures of our master bedroom on here.  I've shown bits and pieces of it in a couple different posts like the sunburst mirror I made here, and some paper heart artwork that I made a couple years ago, but not a whole room shot.

I promise to change that, but not today.  Gotcha, didn't I?  First I have to share a little switch-up I did yesterday to the sunburst mirror.  I was so proud of my little mirror I made awhile back, but every time I looked at it in the room, it felt a little washed out.  I think it was because it wasn't very substantial and the white against the blue made it fade away a little.

It's been bothering me for a couple months now, but Mike's been trying to curb my constant decor changing, so I've refrained from doing anything to it.  But anyone who knows me, (including Mike), knows that if it bothers me, it's eventually got to go.  So, my sister and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day and I came across another sunburst mirror in the clearance section.

It was love at first sight, well until I picked it up and got a huge splinter from a piece of sharp plastic that must have been hanging on somewhere.  Even though I immediately started bleeding, I threw it in the cart and told my sister it was mine.  Then I got nervous that Mike would make me take it back, you know "since we already had a perfectly good one at home" (I know Mike well enough to know that this is what he would think).  That's why I convinced my sister to take my white one and then I could switch them out without leaving one laying around.

Long story short, I got the mirror that was originally $79.99 for only $27.  I assumed I would paint it white, (since that's what we had and I thought the dark tones would clash with the light wood bed frame and tables), but when I hung it on the wall with the same screw from the old mirror I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the blue looked with the dark wood.       

Although stepping back I realized I had another problem.

It was a little low.  Like 6 inches too low.

This is probably one of the reasons Mike hates when I change things up, because it usually requires more holes in the wall.  And, with 85 year old plaster walls, that's not something we like to do.  So, I had to come up with a plan B.

Thank you Joann's for having all of your Command 3M hooks and hangers on sale and giving me the inspiration!  I grabbed one of these sticky back nail hangers for a couple bucks and decided to give it a try.  Hoping it would change my decorating life forever!  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I was hoping that this could be a nice alternative to drilling holes, adding anchors and screws for the lightweight things I like to add around the house.

I read the directions really carefully, (I'm more of a open-package-and-just-do-it sort of girl usually), mostly because of the hole from the random plastic splinter I got from first handling the mirror I was a little scared of it.  And, the last thing I wanted to happen was it to attack me fall on my head while I'm sleeping.

The hanger said it can hold up to 8 lbs, which is more than the mirror weighs and like all the 3M hooks, just required removing the backing and placing on a cleaned surface.  The only minor hiccup was the hook on the mirror was pretty high and the metal from the hanger would stick out on top.

So, it took me all of 0.3 seconds to decide to flip the hanger over and place it on the wall upside down.  Luckily for me, I was lazy the last time we hung the mirror and didn't erase the level line we drew on the wall.  I just measured six inches up and pressed the hanger on the wall, leaving the old screw hole untouched. 

The package said to wait 1 hr before hanging, but we went out to dinner so it was more like 5 hours before I got the mirror back up.  After hanging the mirror at the new height, it looks a lot better.  I'm also digging the dark and light wood tones together.  Now everything isn't so matchy matchy. 

In the end I got to switch out the mirrors like I wanted, my sister got a free sunburst mirror, and Mike didn't have to put another hole in the plaster.  All in all, a good day!

I took these before I left for work so they're not the greatest, but I'll have a whole room reveal ready for next week so you can see everything together.  And, not sure if you noticed or not, but next time I'll even make the bed for you too instead of pulling down the comforter, (oh the magic of cropping)!

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