Kitchen Renovation | Drywall It Up

The room is officially drywalled.  We added insulation to all the exterior walls, (a small luxury that we're very excited about) and with the help of a couple guys, and a drywall lift, the ceiling was installed, then the walls were added.  We even went as far as to texture and paint the ceiling.  We did it the same way as we did the basement, Mike rolled and I textured.  Mike then went back and smoothed it all out for the same knock-down texture we have through-out the house, well every room we've updated which is all but the living room, (crazy to think of how much we've done!).  I painted it with some white flat paint and made Mike install the LED lighting so that I could pick a paint color.

The reason I took a photo of mostly the ceiling was because this has already started:

We received our big Ikea shipment last Tuesday and Mike was so excited, (cough, sarcasm, cough), to start building all the cabinets.  Probably because we had the delivery guys load up the dining room with all the boxes.

We've been using that as our work space, so it was imperative that we get the space back.  Even with some of the bigger boxes gone, the room still is tight on usable space.

It's nice to see the room finally look like a room again.  And, with some of the cabinets built, it's starting to come together!

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