Thrifted Find for the TV

I've been trying to change up the living room since we moved in.  We are heading in the right direction (for now) when we bought the new rug, and we're getting one step closer with a new TV stand.

Using dressers as TV stands isn't anything new, and mid-century dressers are all the range right now, and that's why I was surprised I was able to find this baby on Craigslist, local, and for $40!  It's not solid, with laminate veneer, and a plastic type top, but it's the right size and look that I wanted.  It's got a couple nicks and one piece of chipped laminate on the bottom middle drawer, but we're working on how to fix those.  The old black unit was great, and held sentimental value since Mike built it years ago for the townhouse we lived early in our relationship, but it had worn out it's welcome.

It was too dark, and the storage, while plentiful, wasn't that useful.  It was really deep, and behind those baskets sat 2 rows of DVD's, which we never used.  What sold Mike on getting a replacement was gaining a few inches depth wise, so that when you came around the corner you didn't risk hitting your shins.  We listed it on Craigslist for $50 and delivered it to it's new owner nearby.  Depending on how you look at it, I made $10!

We did have to modify it a bit to have the same function as our last unit had.  Behold hinged drawers:

I came up with the idea and Mike executed it.  We also drilled a couple 1 1/2" holes along the back of the drawers for all the cords and ventilation.  We haven't used the PS2 or the DVD player, but we've noticed the Wii gets a little warm.  We don't have cable so we watch Hulu Plus and Netflix through the Wii, so it gets quite the workout.  We usually leave the drawer front up and just open the drawer a couple inches to prevent overheating.

The drawers hinges are spring loaded and heavy duty.  They allow the drawers to lay completely flat.


The only issue Mike had was cutting the fronts off.  Sine the drawers are wavy, he had to cut along the bottom.  This doesn't change the use since it still flips up to sit flush, it's just something he had to take into account.

The other modification was fixing the hole in the baseboard from when we moved in and had cable installed.  The jerkface who came to install it drilled right through the baseboard while Mike was in the basement.  It split the wood and cracked the shoe.  Mike filled it and I repainted and now it's good as new.  I only had a phone pic that showed the hole, (we've also added the surge protector to one of the drawers so it doesn't sit on the floor):

The dresser is about 6" less deep than the old unit and makes the room feel much bigger, especially when you come around the corner.  Our shins are very thankful.

The TV sits higher than it used to, but I like it a little higher.  Mike has always liked it low so that it's eye level when you're laying on the couch, but he's gotten used to it.

Someone else approves, and that's what really matters around here.

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