Living Room Rug Sneak Peek

You may have noticed the new rug in the pictures of our new TV stand.

It's here, and after a little time adjusting to it, we love it!  We've done some rearranging of rooms during the kitchen remodel, (which I have updates on I swear), so I can't show a full room photo yet, but here's a sneak peek.

It took some getting used to because it is thick.  The knots are very knobby and it's a little weird at first.  I have pretty tough feet since I hate wearing shoes, but it wasn't exactly comfortable.  After a week or so we got used to it though, and now, it really is quite comfortable.  The knobs are like little massages on your feet.  It's also a really warm color, and adds a lot of texture to the room.

I've bought a couple new pillows, along with some of the layers I already had in the room including the leather furniture and faux sheepskin rugs, and it's finally coming together.  Much to Mike's dismay, this combination could really use some metallics, maybe gold or bronze!

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