A Quick Front Door Update

The previous owners of our house were the original owners and had the house custom made in 1973.  It's not a very innovative or unique layout (my sister's house actually has a very similar layout), and a lot of the materials and styles used are very "builder basic".  There were several updates made about a year before we bought the house, to get the house ready for the market.  Unfortunately, these updates were done not exactly up to our level of craftsmanship, and not really our style.  While we appreciate the thought, we almost wish they weren't done because we are now removing very recent updates, or trying to modify to fit our style.

One of those modifications was to the front doors. 

We like the double doors (they were awesome on move-in day!), but the stained glass isn't really our style.  They aren't bad at all, but we wanted something a little more modern.  Also, you couldn't see clearly out of them and it was kind of a hassle when I was trying to guess who was driving up our driveway or even if it was raining before I headed out.

On his current project, Mike was working with a glass company who could make new glass inserts for around $150 and we jumped at the opportunity.

Funny story, Mike made the mistake of relying on me to measure (only a couple weeks after Finn was born - mom brain was real strong!) and I must have measured the frame as well and when we got the new inserts, they were too big!  We had to wait another couple of weeks for new ones to be made.

We went with a simple pane of glass, no muntins (the framing over the window), to keep it modern and to allow the most visibility.  We sit far back from the road and there is a lot of tree coverage so we're not worried about anyone being able to see in by simply passing by.   

Mike had to track down the door company and request new frame covers for the screws, and I told him to hold off putting them back in until after I decide how I'd like to decorate this entry.  I'm thinking of painting the door black, but it may be too small of an area, and too big of a door to look right.  We'll see after we move downstairs with our improvements.  Until then, we're loving the modernization and the view out the windows!

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