$15 Headboard Makeover

I’m pretty happy with our main floor right now.  The kitchen and dining room remodel was one big upgrade, while the living room took a little longer, with multiple changes along the way.  I feel like they are finally the adult, slightly masculine, modernized space that I’ve been working towards. 

Now that those spaces are taken care of, I can move my focus to other rooms.  First on my list is the guest room.  When we moved in almost 5 years ago, my main focus was getting the paint on the walls, and using what we had to fill up the rooms.  I didn’t always get the paint colors right, but I’ve felt good about working with what we had.  My major mistake was trying to complete entire rooms quickly.  I’m now finding I don’t like a lot of the accessories I added in haste just to call the room done.

The guest room is functional and has all the major pieces, but the colors and accessories feel a little immature for our current style.


I’ve never really liked yellow, so I’m not sure why I wanted those pillows so bad.  But those with the light green headboard were bothering me (this is what happens when you take 3 years to make a headboard – you run the risk of changing your design likes).  So I bought some fabric and decided to do something about it!

Since Mike built the headboard to slide onto the bed frame, it was really easy to remove. 



I just ironed my new fabric, still green, but a darker, more saturated color, and stapled it right over the old fabric.  Took maybe 30 minutes.


I also made new pillows.  That’s right I made them, zippers and everything! 

The large shams are made with Nate Berkus Cole Stripe Paramount Ebony fabric from JoAnn’s.  The smaller pillows upfront are made with some handmade hmong batik fabric I bought from eBay.

They come in thin, long “table runner” pieces and I sewed two pieces together to get the right width.  I used a plain linen fabric on the back to save money and fabric.


After 4 pillows I got really good at sewing the zippers.  I used Centsational Girl’s tutorial and it was really easy to follow.


I really liked the deeper colors and the more “mature” patterns.  I’m not sure which pillow formation I like better, but I’m not sure where I would store the actual sleeping gray pillows if they weren’t on the bed.


The other update is a new lamp. 


I found this one on clearance at Target for $3.48!  The gold was actually bright blue, but I gold leafed it.  I really like the texture of the concrete. 

I’m contemplating painting the side table something, maybe black, maybe a dark blue.  Right now it gets a little lost in the window, trim and bedspread.


So there are the updates for now.  I still have to change out the artwork on the picture ledges, and change what’s going on on top of the dresser. 

Unlike before, I’m not in a great hurry though and think it’s best if those changes happen over time with pieces that I really like.

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