This is Why I Blog

After a series of little unfortunate events we found an outlet in the basement wasn’t working properly.  We were kind of happy it was just the outlet because we came upon the discovery after the water heater wasn’t turning on.  That would have been much worse!

Mike did some troubleshooting and realized that it wasn’t the actual basement outlet, but an outlet that fed into the box.  But which one?

This led to some humorous investigating last night.

Tight Fit

Not the outlet behind the range.  Thank goodness!

After checking the range, refrigerator, and even behind the TV in the living room, Mike finally suggested checking here to see if I had any photos of the electrical work before we drywalled the kitchen.  I didn’t think I did, but lo and behold:


I found a photo that had the exact information needed to figure out it was the outlet for the microwave.  It turned out to be a faulty neutral.  Go figure!

I really just wanted an excuse to post that photo of Mike superman style, but actually it was nice to know that this little blog is handy in moments of hair pulling and frustration!

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  1. I knew Mike was a renovation super hero. Now there is a picture to prove it!