My Dad’s Dated Kitchen Redo–REVEAL

Or the alternate title: $1,000 Kitchen/Dining Makeover!

It’s complete!


To be honest it’s been done for a couple of weeks, but it takes me a while to take photos of the projects at my own house, needless to say it took awhile for me to drive the 1.8 miles to his house!  In total it took about 6 weeks to complete.  From the initial design conception, removing the wallpaper, painting, upgrading the hardware, changing the lighting, to tiling/grouting.  Mostly because we ordered a lot from online, as well as multiple people/schedules helped to make this happen. It was a family affair!

Here’s a reminder of what we started with next to the finished product:


These both were taken with the overhead lighting on.  Changing the incandescent bulbs to LED, as well as a new cool-toned paint greatly reduces that “pink” tone that was there before.

The main differences in the kitchen are really the new backsplash, paint, and hardware. 


The backsplash and hardware go a long way to update the overall look of the room. 

The lights are also a huge improvement.  The old ones were outdated brass fixtures that were original to the house.


Now it’s a modern, LED fixture with brushed nickel lines, that gives off a ton of white light. 


We ended up choosing this one, which was a little bigger than the original from my mood board.


As you know the dining room was also part of this makeover and looks much better without the flowery wallpaper, some new paint, and a few new accessories.


We also changed out the light above the table and it makes a huge impact.


Overall my dad’s really happy with the updated rooms, and it’s given him the push to update some of the other rooms in the house, including two bathrooms and a guest room!

I’m happy with the results and proud that I learned a few skills and that the rooms finally reflect my dad’s style!

Kitchen Reveal 2


Thanks Dad for letting me come over and mess up your house for a bit! 

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