Bedroom Plans

A lot of family and friends have asked what we plan to do with the house now that all our large renovations our completed.  I always say that I’m starting over and redecorating the rooms from the beginning.  Most think I’m joking.

While I’m not planning to completely change everything about our house, the rooms that were completed soon after we moved in need an overhaul.  Specifically our bedroom.


I’ve grown tired of the light blue walls and curtains and convinced Mike that a new color and some updated curtains were in order. 

I’m thinking dramatic color palate is in order. 

Color Palate

This is the only room in the house that we prefer it to be dark, so I figure why not? 

The bed must stay, (it was Mike’s before we met, so he has a soft spot for it, and it’s still in great condition), but the color reads a bit orange, so it’s a little hard to work with.  I know blue works, but I was hoping for sometime more modern.  I found inspiration from this photo:

Palate Inspiration


Paint colors of course led to the discussion that our bedside tables were no longer working for us, so those will get changed out as well. 

Bedside Tables

I’ve always preferred to do my make-up and hair sitting down.  Back in the day a mirror, the floor, and an outlet was all I needed, but the last couple of years I’ve been doing it in the office.  This is fine most of the time, but it’s kind of a hassle (especially to Mike) when you want to use the desk for something actually office/crafting related and he’s got to move make-up and curling irons.  #girlproblems. 

There’s really no place to create a vanity area anywhere, but when I saw Kristin from The Hunted Interior use a vanity as her bedside table, I realized there was a space I hadn’t tapped into yet.



I don’t have as much space as this picture shows, but I’ve talked Mike into helping me build something custom for our space.  One of my requirements is a drawer, because I know me, and keeping it tidy will be my hardest task.

For Mike’s side, I wanted more storage.  The tiny drawers we have now don’t hold very much at all, our books and stuff are overflowing on the bottom shelf.  I did a little measuring and found the ever popular Ikea Rast fits the space perfectly.  I’m digging the campaign hacks that are everywhere, so that might be the direction I go.



There’s no immediate timeline for this project, but I tend to jump in when I have an idea so I’ve already started collecting some of the items like the curtains, which I found at World Market, (they go on sale quite often), and the campaign hardware.  I have to get the momentum to paint which will be the biggest change and get everything moving.  Hopefully I finish it in time before I change my mind about this room again!

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