DIY Coat Rack

Another quick project finished up in December was a coat rack.

We don’t have any sort of coat hanging system.  We knocked out the only closet on the main level with the kitchen reno and both exterior doors open directly into the living room and kitchen.  We have been shopping for a while, but couldn’t find any that we liked, so of course we made our own.  


I had sent Mike this, as my inspiration:


I liked the color “dipped” look with the natural wood on top.  We went back and forth on the best material to use with Mike suggested electrical conduit.  It’s readily available at the big box hardware stores, and it’s cheap.

Mike did all the calculations, but basically, he bent the conduit using a conduit bender and made pentagon wooden disks to attach the pieces together. 



We got the metal powder coated a dark blue, and added rubber stoppers to the feet, and used dowels to extend the top and give it that two-tone look I liked.


This corner in the living room always felt empty, and being next to the front door made it a perfect spot.


Some people commented that it looked a little unstable, but it’s not.  I even use it for my purse (with my laptop in it).  Since the purse hangs down closer to the wooden supports it’s really stable.  I also alternate sides when adding coats.


Because we only bought the conduit and dowels, it only cost about $20 for the whole thing.  It can easily be spray painted to any color as well.

One more thing added that made hosting this past holiday season even easier.

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  1. I love it. I noticed the powder coating right away. It adds a lot to the finished project.