DIY Chalkboard Command Center

I mentioned that we had completed a couple projects right before the big holiday surge.  One that I knew I wanted completed before December hit was a magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen.


We never have a proper place to put holiday cards so I knew I wanted this made so that I can finally display them!


When I revealed the kitchen I mentioned that it was our plan to make a chalkboard to fill the space on the side of the fridge.


Obviously, we would make it ourselves, and the benefit of this was we could customize the size, as well as create a magnetic chalkboard for a fraction of the cost.  Actually, because we had all the materials, this project didn’t cost us a thing!


Mike used a piece of sheet metal, luan board, and some old oak floor planks.  Ironically, from the stash of flooring he had to rip up from that exact spot to extend the new kitchen.  Mike cut the sheet metal to size, cut a matching piece of luan, and then used heavy duty spray adhesive to attach the two.  This was to add support to the thin/flimsy sheet metal.

He built the frame from the old floor boards and sanded it down so I could add a couple coats of shellac.  I like using shellac because it dries in like 10 minutes. 

The edges are a little rough and still have very obvious nail holes, but both of us like it like that.  You know, the character and all.

The sheet metal was also a little rough, both figuratively and literally.  Mike sanded it down, but there were still some dings that were pretty noticeable.


After 3 coats of chalkboard paint though, you couldn’t see them at all.

We used screws (it’s what we had in the garage) to hold the board in place in the frame.


We then used some command velcro strips (seriously love command strips) to attach it to the fridge panel. 

We don’t put anything on the fridge because I feel like it can get messy looking, so it was important to me to have something magnetic to display cards and invitations.  Since it’s seen from the front door and pretty much the entire first floor, it needed to look pretty as well.  The chalkboard can look nice by itself, but can also be used to jot down quick notes.


I used chalk pens to write the “tis the season” and plan to change it up throughout the year.  (Don’t forget to “condition” the chalkboard first by rubbing chalk over the entire surface if you plan to write in regular chalk – we were at a friend’s business and I was surprised he didn’t know this trick). 

I actually changed it right after I took these photos to ring in the new year.


I told Mike that no holiday was safe but, we’ll see how long I stay on it.  We may still be wishing a Happy New Year into April!

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  1. LOVE! Thanks for responding and can't wait to make one too!