KDH Family Build-Off–Challenge #1 Reveal

It’s finally here!  After an extension due to some extreme weather in February up here in Ohio, here’s the the first KDH Family Build-Off Challenge Reveal!

Build-Off Challenge #1 Header
If you’re just tuning in, check out the competition announcement here.  But for a quick reminder, my family decided to start a friendly building competition.  We were all challenged to build something out of pallet wood based on the topic ‘The Office’, which was randomly selected from a list of topics everyone submitted.

The Rules:
  1. Projects will be turned in bi-monthly, on the last day of the month.  First project to be submitted Feb 28th. (Extended to March 22nd – reason “It’s too freakin cold”)
  2. Each project must be structurally made of pallet wood.
  3. Projects can have other materials added to them (metal, ceramic, glass, electronics, cloth, plastic, etc.) as long as it remains primarily made of pallet wood.
  4. Projects can be finished in any way you want (stain, paint, veneer, upholstery, etc.)
  5. Projects don't have to be complex to win. Simply gluing the wood together if you want is fine, they don't have to last forever. Obviously, everyone is not going to be at the same ability level, but while craftsmanship is important, we should focus more on creativity.
  6. No teams! This is a competition for individual creativity. Although help with power tools is allowed.
So, now it’s time to reveal the projects!  We only had 4 entries this time around: Dan, my mom Jana, Mike, and myself.  This is a competition based on creativity, not popularity, so we’ll reveal the participates responsible for each project after the voting is complete.  For now, here are the projects:

Project #1 – Eyeglass Holder

Entry #1aEntry #1bEntry #1c
Project #2 – Michael Scott Mural

Entry #2aEntry #2bEntry #2c
Project #3 – Display Board

Entry #3aEntry #3bEntry #3c
Project #4 – Air Plant Holder

Entry #4aEntry #4bEntry #4c
Now it’s your turn to vote!  Use the widget below to cast your vote. 

We’ll leave voting open for 1 week, until Sunday, March 29th.

Come back next Monday to see who built which project and who won the first KDH Family Build-Off Challenge!

We’ll also be announcing the next topic.  That’s right we’re already starting the second challenge! 

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