KDH Family Build-Off–Challenge #1 WINNER

Build-Off Challenge #1 Header

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the winner of the first ever KDH Family Build-Off is:

Challenge #1 Winner

Final Tally

If you weren’t able to figure it out already, here’s who made each project, in the order of final rank:

Project #1: Eye Glass Holder – Dan (my brother)

Entry #1a

Project #2: Michael Scott – Mike

Entry #2a

Project #3: Display Board – Jana (my mom)

Entry #3a

Project #4: Air Plant Holder – Me!

Entry #4a

Thank you to everyone that voted!!

It was a valiant effort made my all, and it made for some fun competition between the family!

We’re ready for Round #2 and we have some more participants who are planning to join, (weather above 25 degrees makes everyone want to get outside and do things).

The topic has been chosen, and next round is: TRAVEL 

I’ll post the projects here for voting again probably around the end of May, so look for that later!

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