Bathroom Refresh

The title sounds like we need to clean the bathroom, but really I just want to refresh the accessories.  It’s stayed pretty much the same since we remodeled back in 2012.  But, for a while it’s felt a little too “hotel”.  Which is what I wanted at first, but the problem is there’s little personality.  And too many tchotchkes in my way on the counter!


I still like the bones of everything, but I realized I could freshen everything up by changing the 2 areas of accessories, the counter and behind the toilet.



The sponges have to go, (they collect nothing but dust).  The water carafe was still useful, and obviously we still needed some soap.  I liked the greenery on the toilet tank, but I wasn’t feeling the black and white pictures.

I’ve got a couple DIY projects (of course) I’m thinking about, and some store bought accessories to complete this little redo, stay tuned!

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