Bathroom Refresh | Reveal

Several months ago I mentioned I wanted a bathroom refresh.  It was easy enough to change out the accessories, but I was a little discouraged when I still didn’t feel like it was enough.  That’s when I realized I needed a new rug (isn’t that how it always goes).  I’m loving the bold colors, and the new look. 

Bathroom Refresh 1
A little color via new accessories was all it needed (and correct white balancing).

Mike couldn’t care less about the accessories, but he was a little apprehensive about the rug.  To be fair, I didn’t tell I bought a new one, I just threw it down when it was delivered.  He hated the colors at first, but the function of having a rug under both sinks and the shower won him over! 

Bathroom Refresh Rug
The rug is this one from Target.  It’s actually a runner, but it was the smallest size they had and it just barely fits.  It’s really soft and is the perfect punch of color this room needed.  And, like any new accessory or anything colorful, it’s grown on Mike!

Bathroom Refresh Angle
Along with the rug, I also updated the accessories on the counter.  I basically switched out the giant decorative sponge for the faux succulents that used to live on the back of the toilet and a candle.  I know, a candle in the bathroom, what a novel idea!

Bathroom Refresh Counter
Over the toilet, I changed out the black and white pictures for a Clare Elsaesser print, ‘Undertow’, and a quick homemade painting on a cheap canvas.

Bathroom Refresh Toilet 2

Bathroom Refresh Artwork
  Bathroom Refresh Artwork 1
On the tank I added my Himmeli Air Plant Holder and while I am not the best at remembering to soak it every week, it seems to do really well here.  I think the moisture from showering helps.  And, in another admission of laziness, I never sprayed the copper holder with a sealant, but the moisture that helps the plant doesn’t seem to discolor it, yet.

Bathroom Refresh Airplant
The bathroom is too small to get everything into one shot, but I deep cleaned it on a weeknight, so I was going to take as many photos as I could!

Bathroom Refresh Elements
The rug was the largest purchase at $73, and the print was $25.  The air plant was $11 and I’d say I spent maybe $10 on other supplies and reused things from around the house.  So, under $120 for the refresh, not bad!

Bathroom Refresh - Before and After
I finally feel like it reflects our style more, and the rug has added a lot more comfort when brushing my teeth, so that’s a win!

Later I want to share our secret weapon for keeping the rug in place, so look for that soon.  I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s a game changer around here!


  1. i have been considering this rug from target, so i'm glad you bought it and posted about it--it's beautiful! one question: is this the 2x6 or the 2x8 runner? i'm thinking you have the 2x6...i only ask because i would need the 2x8, and it looks like on their website the actual design changes on the longer runners (weird). anywho, just thought it was worth asking...thanks!

  2. Thanks Abby! This is the 2'2"x6' runner. I too noticed the pattern changes in the larger size runners, (although the main photo doesn't change - frustrating!). Both designs are nice, but there's a lot more red in the larger one. We love this rug, it's really soft and vacuums very easily. Hope it works out for you!

  3. Hi! Do you have any specific info on the rug? Target is not carrying that rug any longer and doesn't have any info.

    Thanks! Sara

    1. It's the Safavieh Essie rug, and not sure why but Target moved it to Kid's Decor, I found it here at this link:

      I also found it at Wayfair and Home Depot under the name Safavieh Monaco. The one I have is the 2'2"x6' runner.

      Hope this helps!