Dining Table Upgrade

Months ago I talked about our new dining table purchase/assembly and I never shared “after” photos or any photos of the new chairs.


We were able to fit five chairs comfortably, I realized that on both sides of our families, there are usually gatherings of five or less, so this worked perfectly! 

Danks Honey Kitchen 019

The round table fits the space better than the rectangle table, and it’s easier to get in to the liquor cabinet.


The chairs are really comfortable and the plastic isn’t too rigid and allows some bend when you lean.  We haven’t had to break out the table leaf for larger gatherings yet, but I’m excited that we’re able to add more table room!

Danks Honey Kitchen 020

We haven’t worried about the ridges in the table top yet, but we rarely use the table, opting to use the peninsula seating for most informal meals instead.  I also bought a cheap table cloth for when my parents came into town and used that so we didn’t have to baby it the whole time.  So, I may use that until we feel like tackling filling in the grooves somehow.

Danks Honey Kitchen 026

I’ve got to style the top of the liquor cabinet better, but overall, I think this table and chairs makes this room officially done!


  1. Love your style. Well done! Where did you get your dining room light...its gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Deb!! It's actually from World Market as well!

  2. Enjoyed your home made wedding with all the lovely personal touches. Wish u all well. I stumbled across this website looking for drywall repairs. My husband and i are a team young and new to the game of home repairs but your tios on the texturing were soooo helpful! Keep it up and STAY TOGETHER.