Food Container to Planter

I thought I’d share the secret of my latest planter.

Danks Honey Kitchen 026

It’s actually a food canister from Target!  Specifically, this one.  It came with a wood top, which I have stored just in case I kill the plant and want to use it as a canister again (which if you ask Mike is only a matter of time since I have the worst black thumb).

Since this isn’t made for plants and I didn’t want to permanently change it by drilling drainage holes, I simply added some rocks to the bottom (about 2-3”) and added soil on top with my plant. 

I was actually looking for a concrete planter but came up with nothing.  I saw these containers while I was wondering through Target one day. 


It started when I got this bowl from Anthropologie and then saw this set-up on Pinterest:


I never liked how my old dining table was styled and this looked fresh and simple.  You can see on top of the cabinet I loved the blue bowl so much I bought 2 (one was on sale Mike, I swear!) 

Danks Honey Kitchen 020

I thought of the canister again when I wanted to change up the one we used for Benelli’s cat food.  We set it on the step stool next to the fridge so it needed to be cute enough to sit out.

Danks Honey Kitchen 017

The top is very tight and it’s a little awkward to get on and off twice a day, so I ran back to Anthropologie and got this leather/bone pull

Anthro Sadler Pull

Cat Food Container

Mike cut a recess on the bottom of the lid and cut the screw (which is ridiculously long), so that the hardware didn’t touch the food every time it was closed.

Lid Closeup

For around $25 I got the concrete-planter-look I was after, plus a stylish container for the cat food!

Cat Food Containter and Plant Holder

Cat Food Containter and Plant Holder 1


  1. Love the addition of the leather pull! Looks amazing.

  2. where did you get the light over your kitchen table?

    1. Do you by chance know the name of the light? I LOVE it an can't find it on the website!

    2. I finally found it (in a round about way) on the website: It's called Black Iron Bell Pendant Lamp. It looks like it's out of stock online, but some of my local stores show it available, so hopefully yours do too!