Porch | Reveal

When I showed the painted foundation I never did a full pulled-back shot of the porch.  Since I use this blog as much as a platform to share our projects as I do a reference for us to look back on, I wanted to wrap this project up, officially. 

This is probably the first project that doesn’t look that much different from the before, but the progress photos show all the good stuff.  We started with the existing porch, with carpeted stairs, and a concrete slab that dead-ended into the grass.


We got to work removing and saving the siding, demoing the stairs, and tearing off the old wooden siding.



We then had to step back to re-evaluate the project after we found extensive termite damage.



After some discussion, we decided to keep the porch and rebuild it with extra support.  Also adding better materials to prevent termite damage in the future.



We poured a new walkway.




And, got new stairs.


We wrapped the porch with Tyvek and PVC trim, and added faux stone panels to create a faux foundation and columns, creating an architectural detail and better curb appeal.  Then added the saved siding back on.

Porch Wrapped in Tyvek

Exteria Creek Ledge Stone Install

Porch Siding and Faux Stone Panels 1

Porch Siding and Faux Stone Panels 2

Finally, I painted the foundation (technically, only half of it) with a paint color matched to the faux stone for better continuity.

Foundation After with Porch

Even though we still have to fill in some of the garden beds, we’re calling this baby done!



I hope to get the other foundation wall painted before the weather turns.


Like I said at the beginning, the before and after aren’t mind blowing or anything, I mean we literally transplanted the same plants back into place, but all the work underneath is impressive and we can definitely tell the new supports when we walk around on the porch.

The before/after back to back:



We recently added up all the receipts from this project, as well as all the new landscaping (new beds, mulch, rocks) and our total was $2,700.  We had estimated that a new porch would be close to $5,000, so we went in to this project fearing the worse.  We feel really good about the upgraded curb appeal, as well as making the foundation secure and preventing future damage.  We’re also impressed we were able to clean up the rest of the yard in that number too!


  1. Hello I know you are a busy bee with all of lifes tasks however when you shall get the chance i am curious about your back porch which is beautiful. Have you finished decorating? Curious as to what you will do with it.. Lights? Furniture ect. Thanks for the inside looks as well.

    1. Thanks Honor! We bought furniture for our deck at the beginning of spring, but we haven't done too much since then! We plan to re-stain the deck here very soon, (hoping the weather holds out!) and I'll update after, especially because I picked the stain color this time around and we're going dark! Next spring, I want sting lights to hang over everything, so we've already started brainstorming some semi-permanent supports. If only Ohio weather wasn't 80% crappy and 20% gorgeous, we'd be able to enjoy the outside instead of spending all our time updating it!!

  2. Hey Mallory! Do you know the names of the plants in front of the porch! Are the lower one hostas and the taller ones....? We need to start thinking about plants at our new home and those look nice and low maintenance :-)
    -Abby D

    1. Hey Abby! The front plants are hostas (super hardy - some are split from various spots in the yard, and some have even come from my parents house!) and the bushes in the back our boxwoods. You can get them inexpensively when they're small, but they take awhile, at least for us, to get a good size. These have taken about 5 years to get to this size. Right now were worried that the transplanting to fix the porch may have shocked them, but we'll see this spring, fingers crossed!