Go Sit In The Corner

Although I boasted in previous posts that there would be no boys allowed in my crafting room, my girly space has been infiltrated. More than that, fast forward a couple months and the Crafting Room is no more. An Office has taken it's place and over the weekend Mike staked his claim. Most of you that have visited, knew the office was the last place to get unpacked. While the boys were playing in the dirt, I got to work on some of my own dirt inside. I unpacked everything, then organized what I needed and trashed what I didn't. The next couple of posts will be dedicated to this, until recently, forgotten room.

Since I removed everything from the Tupperware containers it was all living in, Mike's office area was in limbo. Before moving in, we had planned on setting up his shop in the guest room, but after moving the furniture in there, we realized that idea was laughable. We then, after much discussion and some feet dragging from my direction, decided the office was big enough for the two of us. Not to mention, since the removal of the Tupperware containers, Mike had quietly been carving out his little area already.

This is what his "Corner Office" has looked like recently. Pretty pathetic, eh?

Well during some downtime (downtime? what's that?) Mike built himself a desk with some wood picked up at Home Depot and two doors from ReStore for $5 a piece. He used the measurements of the space to create a corner desk. Not my favorite concept, but the best use of the space. He then filled in the holes and sanded it all smooth. Although we plan to paint it in the near future, Mike wanted to put in upstairs to use it in the meantime.

Even with the awkward shape of the legs and railing, and the top weighing what seemed like 200 lbs, we were able to get it up the stairs and in the room.

Someday soon, I'd like to paint the top white to match my desk and the legs will probably be stained a natural color since Mike would kill me if I did anything fun like paint them yellow!

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