Introducing Baby Finn

The blog's been a little quiet lately and it's mostly because of this little cutie!

Meet Finnegan Michael, the littlest Danks!

Finn joined our family 3 months ago and has been the perfect little addition.  He's such a calm and happy baby that the fear of managing both a newborn and Archer hasn't been too difficult!  Finn usually hangs out watching and smiling while Archer runs around around him.

Finn may have caught us all by surprise at the very beginning, but his delivery wasn't too bad at all. While my epidural wore off before he came, he was ready and came out before my doctor made it to the hospital!  Recovery has been very mild and I'm very grateful since 14-month-olds don't really understand the concept of "taking it easy" ha!

When we talked about what Finn might look like when he arrived, I always assumed he would be another carbon copy of Mike, so it was pretty exciting when he came out looking much more like me!  There's definitely some of my distinct features like my lips, darker hair, and ears, but every once in a while I look over and see a tiny baby Archer, especially when Finn sleeps.

As for the dynamic between the two brothers, Archer began by treating Finn similar to the way he treats our cat, Benelli.  He would be in the same room and not pay too much attention, then he'd catch his eye and run over and giggle, then touch Finn and went back to what he was doing!  There's very little prep you can do at this age so we just emphasize that all "BABY" things are gentle and there are a couple of things like bottles and the tiny pacifiers that are just for baby.  Archer still steals his pacifier sometimes (it's actually hilarious when he puts them in his mouth, their so small and look ridiculous) but he's been so good with Finn and really does temper his actions around him.

Now, Archer is starting to want to be around him and will get on the furniture to sit next to him, or lay down next to Finn.  He gives these little hugs, which are basically just touching his head to Finn, and they are so cute!  He's even been known to rock his car seat if Finn starts getting fussy!

After working on Archer sleeping through the night before Finn arrived, I was determined to help Finn develop better sleep habits earlier.  I'm not sure if it was some of the things I implemented (like actually letting Finn sleep in a crib as a newborn - I always held Archer and it made it harder to break that habit later), or the fact that he's such a great baby, but he's a little sleeping champ and basically sleeps through the night and takes great naps throughout the day.

We've had some big changes around here with the new house and baby, but I think we're finding our groove and it feels good to make some progress on the house, but also to enjoy these little ones right now.

We've made some major progress on the master bath and bedroom and I'm looking forward to finishing that space up so that we can start on the boy's rooms.  Archer will be getting a bigger room and Finn will get his own nursery!  I'm not sure which directions I'll be going for in each room, but I'm so excited to give them their our spaces! 

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