I've changed up a couple things here at OFN and wanted to point them out, if you haven't already seen them.

First up is the new header.  For no other reason than I was starting to get bored with the old single paint swatch.  The second change is tab bar that's right under the header.

I've had some pages that I haven't published and wanted to clean up my sidebar for some time.  These are just pages that will make finding stuff around here a little easier.  I don't speak HTML, but I'm learning how to tweak things here and there.

Obviously Home will take you home.  If you're ever lost or feel scared you can click there and it'll take you home.  Not to your home, just to the home screen.  It's not magical people.  It's the same as clicking the header and seems redundant to me, but Blogger won't let me delete it.

The next is Tour Our Nest which some have noticed is where you're taken if you click our little house picture to the right.  For a while I didn't realize I had published it there and that's why not all of the rooms are added.  I'm still working on getting everything up there, but for the most part the rooms are all there in one way or another.

Archives is pretty self-explanatory.  I took the side bar Archives menu and added it to the page.  That's all folks.

Our Nest List is something completely new though. Something that I thought would be useful to both Mike and I, and you guys is seeing a (tentative) list of the things that we've done and plan to do all over the house.  I've also added links to the projects that I've posted about.  Plus it's just fun to cross out things on a list, whether it's physically or cyberly (I think I just made that word up).

The last page, for now, is the Topics page.  Here again, I've taken the labels menu from the sidebar and made it into a page.  Nothing too fancy, but if you're looking for something specific like say, I don't know, my $89 Kitchen Makeover, you can find it easily here under Before and After or Painting.

I'm sure I'll continue changing little things here and there, but I doubt they'll be nothing you guys can't keep up with.

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