Headboard Debate

Something that I've been pondering for a while is building a headboard for the guest room.  Awhile back I posted about my search for the perfect fabric, and although it was the most expensive, I've finally decided on the Sunbrella Wyndham Honeydew:

The stripes add a little depth to the room and although the photo above doesn't really show it, it has a faint hint of blue.  What finally sold me on it was that I was able to find numerous online stores that sold it for $20/yard, a 1/4 of the original price.  That's right 75% off.  Everything sounds better when it's 75% off!

Since I have the fabric picked out I thought I was set and was ready to order 2 yards, (since it's pricey I plan to be very careful and not have that much waste).  That's when I thought about the actual shape of the headboard.  I had always assumed I would do a square shape with some tufting, something like this one from West Elm:

But, then I got to thinking, it doesn't have to be square.  I started looking at more exciting curved headboards like this:

Image from Pottery Barn

This leaves me with a dilemma, on one hand I feel comfortable knowing that a square headboard will be easy to construct, but I like the look of the curved headboard.

That's where I need your help.  I did a little photoshop magic (almost as awesome as my Microsoft Paint skills shown here) and made two different headboard designs, (with my fabric) to get your opinion.  Use the little survey I made to let me know which one you prefer.  I already have an idea of which one I like better, but I would love to hear everyone's opinion. 

Here are the choices:

Which headboard do you prefer?

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