Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled DIY

After yesterday's exciting news, I thought I'd get right back to our home improvement projects.

With the arrival of Mike's grandparents quickly approaching, Mike and I had to get our butts in gear to not only clean the house, but get all the little projects done before they arrive.  We had no trouble installing the new handrail, and knew the next thing on our list was to finally rid ourselves of the water damage spot in the guest room above our homemade mirror.

We all know what I'm talking about, since I talked about it when we removed the chimney, but here's a reminder of what it looked like in all of it's bubbly, brown stain glory:

Like most projects, it had to get worse before it could look better, so I started by scrapping all the loose paint and compound on both the wall and ceiling.

Since we removed/fixed the source of the water, we knew we wouldn't have to worry about anymore leaks in the future.  So, we cleaned up the area and Mike used some quickset joint compound 45 (sets in 45 minutes) to patch in the spots and then sanded and cleaned off the areas.  I then used some Kilz primer that we always have on hand, since I didn't want any water stains to leak through.  After the primer dried, I painted the ceiling, waited for it to dry, then painted the wall, all with leftover paint that we have stored in the basement.

Now, it looks as if there was never any leak at all:

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