Blue Thoughts

Like I mentioned last week we spent the last couple weeks flying around the West Coast.  With all that time between the flight attendants mime version of the proper emergency procedures and reaching the cruising altitude, you know, that time where the use of electronic devices could cause the plane to spiral to a fiery crash, I had a lot of time to think.  Side note, on one of our five flights that we took, one attendant actually told everyone to turn off their phones, music players, and calculators - no joke.  If a little Ti-30 can interfere with the radio signals of the plane I'm on, I think I'd rather drive.

Anyways, some of that time was obviously spent making sure none of the kids around me were trying to be badasses and doing their homework on the plane, but then that in itself is an oxymoron seeing as how it's summer and no kid in their right mind is doing homework, so the rest of the time I thought about a lot of random things., (kind of like this post so far, sorry).  One of them being our living room, specifically the color of our living room.
Since moving in I've had a problem with the color of this room.  I even painted it gray after not digging the green the first go round.

And although I love gray, it's not enough.  Not enough color, not enough warmth, just not enough.  As the title mentions my thoughts have been a little blue, not the sad blue, but the moody blue, as in a moody navy blue.   

Whenever I'm looking to paint a room I use my favorite painting tool online first, to see if the color I want works in the area I'm thinking.  That painting tool is from my go-to paint store Sherwin Williams.

A while back I was perusing SW's website for some color inspiration and I came across their Color Visualizer tool.  This brilliant tool allows you to virtually repaint any room you want, without having to clean any brushes, (in my opinion, the worst part of painting anything).  The way it works is you upload a photo you want to repaint and use the masking tools to outline which surface will get the new color.  After you've created all of your surfaces, you can choose from any of the hundreds of colors in the SW color catalog to change up the colors in your room.

Before I made Mike go bonkers by painting the room a third time, I uploaded a couple photos of the living room to see if it could pull of a deep blue.

I masked out all of my wall surfaces and found a really pretty blue color named "Cyberspace".  I found it kinda fitting since I was virtually picking the color anyways.

And, here's the room as it is now next to the blue for a better comparison:

I like the brown furniture against the deep blue, and think the white trim and curtains look really crisp.  The large beige carpet also looks better against the blue, rather than the light gray.  And I think the silver accents also look better against a contrasting color, (not the first time I've noticed this, remember my gray/silver overload project here?), so I may switch out the black curtain rods for some silver ones, or maybe jump on the bandwagon and try spray-painting them.  

The only thing I worry that might not go are the black accents, like the tables, mirror, and picture ledges.  The larger furniture, (except the side tables next to the couch), were all made by Mike when we lived in the townhouse, and although they were custom made to fit that room, they fit pretty well into the new space.  The only problem I have is the black is too dark for blue walls.  I'm thinking they would need to be painted white or a lighter color.  

And since I didn't have to clean any brushes with my virtual painting, I decided to see what other colors caught my fancy.

0047 Studio Blue Green
7068 Grizzle Gray
7032 Warm Stone

And, I even found my first color and tried it out for nostalgia.  Oh, how I wish I knew about this tool before I wasted my time painting it this color!

6163 Grassland

I have to say I'm really digging the 'Warm Stone' color.  And, the black furniture seems to work with it.  Maybe I'll try that first and then move to a blue if I don't like it.  Just kidding Mike, (I have to say that, because he may have a heart attack and/or kill me if I paint a forth time)!

What are your thoughts?  Are you feeling blue too?  Do you think I'm crazy for wanting to paint the living room for a third time?  Anyone else out there can't sit in one of your rooms without thinking of all the ways you'd like to change it?  Do share! 

PS. Sherwin Williams doesn't know me, let alone want to pay me to talk about their website.  I just like their paint and love having the option to virtually paint without having to clean-up!

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  1. Just happened to stumble upon your site and here I am TWO hours later!! I LOVE it, all of it! Every thought shared is like being there and the pictures are terrific! I'm supposed to be painting myself right now....Anywho, if you haven't decided about painting your beautiful living room, I think the Cyberspace looks beautiful (I myself love darker colors) and you don't have to do anything with the black accent pieces of furniture or curtain rods. There is absoulutely enough contrast against the darker paint. Leave them just as they are becuase they look great, honest. My husband has this saying "paralysis by analysis".....if you think too much about this and all of the little details, you won't be able to make a decision and it will take all of the fun out of your simple idea of warming up your living room (or whatever DIY project is going on). The Warm Stone is an equal favorite and yes, the black furniture works well with it. I know it's "all in the details" and your "details" look perfect :) Paint the walls only to now "frame" your details! Congratulations to you both for all of your hard work and positive attitude during this process. Your are turning a house into your home and these memories you are documenting will mean even more one day when you look back at your life together.