Don't Mind The...

(Insert unfinished project here.)

I'm spilling our secrets.

As I was walking around the house the other day, I realized how many projects have been started and abandoned and sit ready for my attention again.  I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say this, but I'm okay with it.  So what if the picture frames are hung, but don't have anything in them, (true story), there are more important things in life than making our house perfect.  I'm fine with the state of our house everyday, until someone comes over.  It's then that I see all of these half-finished projects.

Since I blog both the good and the bad here, I thought I'd show you some of the things that we overlook on a daily basis and someday, (maybe soon, maybe not), hope to complete.

First, we'll start in the dining room.  I hung picture frames about 3-4 months ago knowing that I'd do some sort of artsy thing in them someday.  Well that someday is still no where in sight and we might be bringing the Ikea poinsettia flower in style:

Get it?

I've got some ideas for these two frames, but I've got bigger plans for the dining room, so they'll have to wait until I have a better idea of the direction we're going.

Another thing we like to look past is Mike's desk.  Yes, the same one I blogged about almost a year ago!
I even wrote, "Someday soon, I'd like to paint the top".  I don't think a year later would qualify.  We kinda dig the weird rustic sanded finish it has since it was an old stained door from Re-Store to begin with, but the bond-o spots aren't that cool looking.

We have since added Mike's stuff to the desk and I've even given him my old chair, but that's about all the progress we've made.

And finally, the one thing that definitely gets a little embarrassing when company comes over, (especially the overnight variety), is our lack of doors.  Yep, I'm admitting it, we don't have any bedroom doors.  Or closet doors, or an office door.  The only upstairs door we do have is the bathroom door.  There are some things we have to keep private.

When we moved in and started stripping the trim, we decided to strip the doors and replace the old hardware.  We figured the best way to do this would be to remove the doors and put them on some saw horses outside to be the most efficient.  Well, I got about a half of one side done before I realized the stuff I bought from Home Depot was crap.  Like the rest of our house's woodwork, there are about 5 layers of paint and stain on the doors and something a little more potent than the cheapo stuff I thought I could get away with, is going to do the trick.  So, we put them aside to tackle another day, and a year later we still don't have doors.  Life got in the way, what can I say.

And as weird as you think it would be, it's not that bad.  I actually prefer it.  No doors to get in the way, or close on the cat accidentally.  Meaning locking him in or out of a room, not literally on him.  He's too quick for that.

It does get a little tricky when we have guests over, but we've actually had a friend live with us for a couple months and my parents stay for Christmas vacation for a week and we didn't have any problems.  When Mike's grandparents came to visit last month we finally broke down and came up with a temporary solution for our doorless predicament.  Since we didn't want to add anything that we would have to fix later, I came up with a simple privacy screen that we could remove and add when we felt like it.  I bought a simple tension rod for about $4 and a cheap white shower curtain and threaded the tension rod through the curtain holes and we had ourselves some temporary doors.  Kinda like an updated bead curtain.

They worked out great for our guests and Benelli loves to run between the curtains and jump out when you're walking by.

Of course there are other things around the house that I want to change or do something to, but these are more in the "We just got too lazy" category and will probably stay there for a while.  I hope it's not just me who has blatantly unfinished projects laying around!

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  1. You are not alone. I don't have unfinished projects - I have unfinished rooms. Someone asked me how many rooms I have done. The answer - zero. There is something that needs done in every room! Right now I am redoing one of the bedrooms and do or died it will be my first fully finished room by Aug. 19th.