Pinterest Challenge | Summer Edition

Last week, one-half of my favorite home DIY duos, Young House Love, posted a challenge based on Pinterest, using everyone's favorite time sucker to inspire a real life do-it-yourself project. 

I loved the idea of this challenge, since I've already been using Pinterest as inspiration for some of the projects around here, and I really wanted to participate.  But, since we're smack dab in the middle of building the deck I wasn't able to do anything this past week.  So, I'm cheating a little bit and revisting my Pinterest projects from the past month of two.

The first one was the Ohio state art that used this pin as inspiration:

To make this piece of art in the office, (click here to see the step by step):

After that, I couldn't stop pinning and came across this pin that I thought would be a good inspiration to add some much needed color into the living room:

You know I love me some paint swatches, I was using them as art last year too, and loved the impact of all the color just from the small paint squares.  So, using my own paint swatches, I came up with this little project to liven the gray living room up:

While my projects may not have been done last week during the challenge, they still were done in the spirit of Pinterest as inspiration!

If you want to check out all the projects, (that, ahem, followed the rules), you can head over to all of the host's websites and see what everyone else is pinning!

Sherry (Young House Love), Katie (Bower Power), Emily (Style by Emily Henderson) - Yes, THAT Emily Henderson, and Lana (Making a House a Home).


  1. I love paint swatches! On my way to check out how you made it right now :)

  2. What a great idea with the paint swatches! That could look cool in almost any room, and I love how graphic it is.