Why I'm the Greatest Girlfriend Ever

Every couple of weeks our kitchen goes from this:

To this:

This is all of the homebrewing equipment that takes over the kitchen.  Since our kitchen is the size of a large walk-in closet, it's best if I leave Mike and his stuff alone during his brewing.  That means for about 4 hours every couple of weeks our kitchen is completely out of commission to me.  Mike says it's mostly due to the contamination factor, but he allows the cat to go in and out whenever he pleases, so I think it's just that he doesn't want me in his way asking a million questions and moving stuff around.

And, I only complain a little.  That's why I'm the greatest girlfriend ever!

How about you guys, anyone else put up with your boyfriend's/husband's/wife's/girlfriend's messy hobbies?


  1. I'm a great wife for exactly the same reason.

    And that's not his only hobby. I can't have a hobby because there's no room in the house.

  2. My boyfriend sometimes wakes up to me crafting/sewing I spread out beyond my tiny sewing room all over the dining room. He is very tolerant (especially when I make him coffee as a bribe)

  3. WOW, I am impressed with the organization, multiple levels and flow! Great homebrewing kitchen.