Garage Build Twenty-Ten | Part Three

We have walls! All that was missing from this weekend's wall raising were the straw hats and overalls. With the help of about 8-10 extra people, Mike and I were able to get the walls raised and nailed in place this weekend and Monday.

Mike spent a couple days last week building the walls, and on Saturday he and I finished up the last (and most difficult wall), being the front wall with the man door and garage door.  Both requiring exact measuring and header positioning.  Here's a shot before our muscle came showing all the walls laying inside on the right.

We knew we might get hit with some rain later in the day, but none of our labor could make it out until 4:30ish.  We had probably a full hour before the skies opened up.  Just enough time to get one wall up and the tarps put on.

Fortunately for us, we had a nice crew who came back on Monday.  With a little muscle, some engineering, and a little luck we were able to get all three remaining walls up and in place.  And it's finally starting to look like a garage!  Next step is to put the trusses up and attach sheathing and then it's roofing, siding, doors, and concrete!

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