The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

While we've been focusing on the garage, it's been kind of nice not having to worry about much else.  Yes the laundry still needs folded, and the dishes still need cleaned, but for the most part we've been fortunate.  That was until the truss delivery last Friday. 

Having taken off a personal day, I was able to be home while the truss delivery truck came at 8:00am.  While the actual delivery was a little rough, they chose to use our delivery as training for a new driver, it wasn't too bad.  Some 22 point turns in our street and blocking only a couple cars from driving by wasn't too bad. 

And this is exactly what I was planning on telling Mike when I went inside and starting dialing his number.  That is until I heard the brakes and the yelling.  I came out to find the truck attached to our cable wire.  And upon further examination, he was attached for what looks like about 2 feet.  Or that's the amount that he ripped down our siding.  The siding, by the way, that was replaced very soon before we bought the house, but not soon enough that we found extra pieces laying around in our attic or anything.

After talking to the driver, and fishing the runaway cable from the truck, I checked our TV and internet and since everything was okay, they left on their way to destroy someone else's morning. 

Not only did we then have a rip in the corner, but the cable was lax and hung down to almost 4 feet from the ground, effectively blocking the drive.  

To update: After calling the truss company, someone was out on site not 5 hours later.  He took a piece of the battered siding and returned on Tuesday with a piece that could have passed for the original and within a 2 hour span had removed all of the siding from the corner, replaced the whole 10' section and replaced the siding, also tightening the cable to keep from hanging low.  Not on professional construction sites have I seen such prompt accident control. 

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