Garage Build Twenty-Ten | Part Two

About two weeks ago, a man in a dump truck began dropping loads of dirt into my yard. When it seemed like no more dirt could fit, and I thought he would leave us alone, he came back with gravel and dumped it in our driveway! Mike, being the resourceful guy he is, decided this was exactly what he needed to backfill the garage and re-grade our yard.

Another couple days off of work and more equipment rentals, the boys were off to work again. This time braving the heat (hitting 95 degrees) and the rain. On a side note, did you know that topsoil smells like pig's poop when you strip it? Think about that + 95 degree weather. Yeah, not so nice. I'm still getting used to the assult on my nose whenever I walk outside.

Even though whenever I looked out the window it looked like the boys were just digging piles of dirt to fill with other piles of dirt, they actually were removing the topsoil, backfilling with fill and tamping it as they went, then placing gravel on the garage pad and driveway and tamping some more. So, pretty much digging piles of dirt to be filled with other piles of dirt, just a little more scientific and engineered. Although the rain proved to be problematic, (Mike kept saying "10 steps forward and 5 steps back"), the guys were able to finish all the earthwork in 4 days.

Now we have a garage pad and driveway ready for concrete and a yard that's ready for some landscaping. Now we just have the little task of actually building the garage.

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