Closet Case

Mike completed the guest room closet the other day and I thought I'd share the mini before and after to keep everyone up to speed. Here's a picture of the closet before to refresh your memories, (and it's more satisfying putting the before and after back to back):

Like I hinted at in the House Tour we removed the built-in cabinet and the cedar plywood. Mike took it down to the studs and re-routed the HVAC vent and covered the attic access (and moved it to the hallway). He also removed the carpet and the hardwood underneath.

Some of our good friends bought some land to build in the future and had an old house they needed to tear down. Luckily for us they were willing to allow Mike to take some of the oak flooring that matched our flooring. We weren't sure how well it would match, but after Mike patched it into the closet and the floors were refinished, I'm sure you can see we were ecstatic to see it matched perfectly! We bought new doors at ReStore (only $17!), painted, and installed new hardware. What a difference!

And a close-up of Mike's handiwork, the flooring patching, the molding, and drywall!

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