Color Me Curious

Mike and I are the perfect renovating pair. While he’s better at the heavy duty stuff, i.e. re-wiring the electric, building window seats, and drywalling, I’m better at the finishing touches like painting and decorating. This weekend I really shined! All day Friday and the weekend was spent with a paint brush fused to my right hand and a paint roller in the left, (although that’s somewhat of an exaggeration, at some points I really was in that position). While Mike and our (heaven-sent) friends have done a lot of the dirty work, my major contribution to this reno is the painting. Mike detests it, and lucky for him I love it! We haven’t completely finished, but I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at the colors I chose.

Here is the Living Room color. It changes in the light and sometimes it looks beige but most of the time it is a soft green.

The Hallway and Stairs are in a soft gray. I wanted to lighten the space to make it feel bigger, but also wanted something that would set off the trim.

The Hallway goes into the Master Bedroom which I picked a calming blue.

I wanted the Guest Bedroom to be similar in tone and feel to the Master Bedroom, but with a more crisp feeling. I plan to use green and yellow accessories to accentuate the gray walls.

The Dining Room and Office both are the same Bungolow Beige SW7511 which I wasn't able to find a swatch for. But like the name says, it's beige, although there's about 77 different shades of beige, they're all the same, boring beige. I wanted the dining room to be clean and crisp and not too loud. I wanted the office to have a neutral background so that the papers and projects I make don't clash with the walls.

The overall palate is somewhat muted, but before I began, Mike capped my color selection to three colors! How anyone decorates a whole house with three colors is beyond me, but his fear was walking into each room and being assaulted with a new color and the rooms feeling detached from each other. Through many hours of deliberation I came up with five hoping that he would give his approval. Last night after finishing the Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom he was standing in the hallway looking at each room back and forth and said "I know you don't want to hear this but, these rooms look like the same color." I'm not sure what he's talking about because they're completely different, but it let's me know I'm doing my job!

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