We're Getting Clo(the)ser

This weekend we took over our first load of non-construction related items to the house! Although we've been pretty lucky to have the time to do most of our projects at our own pace, (which is pretty fast to begin with), we were all of a sudden in an all around time crunch this weekend to clear out our office in the townhouse.

You see, Mike's good friend Kyle has found himself between an apartment and a house and will be sharing our casa for the time being while he finds his own 'first nest'. I think everyone's acclimated to the change, everyone except his cat, Cabella. While Benelli is over the moon for his new companion, (there might even be a little crush), Cabella does not share the same feelings. I think we are making progress though, she's stopped waking Mike and I up in the middle of the night standing between us growling and hissing (think about waking up to that for a second, creepy right?).

A rare moment of them together.

Back to our Nest, to further prepare for our impending onslaught of stuff, we've taken to the closets. We knew (or I did and I politely convinced Mike) that we wanted storage solutions that could change depending on the room usage. For example, my office needs to have shelves for all my craftiness, but in the case of the room being used as a small bedroom in the future we wanted to have a system that could easily be changed to traditional reach-in for hanging clothes. Enter ClosetMaid at Home Depot. I haven't always been a fan, since I think the wiring and tracks look a little builder-basic, but they do have about a gazillion configurations somewhat affordable options for complete closet systems. I know after we stuff the closets full of our junk the not-so attractive tracks will disappear and all that will be visible will be organization.

Here's a look at the closet in the Office after it's organization overhaul:

The shelves can be moved to accommodate different heights or taken out completely to add a hanging rod.

The Master Bedroom closet would always be used for hanging clothes so we chose the permanent installation which also allowed us to add the neat quarter circle shelf which made the "L" shape to create a mini walk-in.

The Guest Bedroom was the trickiest closet to design. It will be used as main closet, so that we can use the room as a changing room and not disturb each other in the morning. The closet was large enough that we knew we didn't want to waste it on just one hanging rod. We chose to add shelves along the right side behind the register and two hanging rods for optimum storage.

I'm not sure how Mike found our iron, since I thought I did a sufficient job of hiding it at the townhouse, but he might be trying to tell me something.

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