Window Seat to My Soul

Ever time I think of window seats, I think of curling up on a sunny day with Benelli by my side, a good book, and a couple hours to kill. Hey, a girl can dream. Well thanks to my amazingly talented boyfriend, I only have to dream of having time to read a book.

Thanks to an underused bump-out in the Dining Room, we now have our very own window seat. If you've been to the house lately you understand how obsessed I am with it. I think the window is happy to have had such a dramatic face lift as well.

The idea actually arose as an alternative to the patch of plywood that occupied the space previously. Mike was less than excited to retrofit some reclaimed wood to try to match the hardwood.

I think the finished product looks 100 times better than it did before, not to mention like it was always destined to become a window seat.

Here's a before to refresh your memories:

The progress photo before the top was installed and molding added:

After the top was added and the drywall patched:

After trim was added:

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  1. Mallory's Mom -- JanaApril 11, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Great job! It looks like it has been there from the start. Benelli will enjoy many lazy days bird and squirrel watching from the seat.