As promised, I've got some photos to post showing the splatter job in the Master Bedroom. Excuse the joint compound, I guess Mike was so excited to get rid of the offending colors that he immediately skim coated the walls before I could get in and take a picture. You can still see the rainbow of color through even through the compound.

Getting to this point wasn't pretty, and unfortunately some of our helpful friends and family came over at the most inopportune time. Mike was all too willing to put them to work with nothing more then scrappers and safety glasses. Even after scrapping, Mike still had to take the belt sander to the walls. Four belt replacements later, most of it was sanded away. A thin skim coat smoothed everything out.

A big THANK YOU to the Tony's (Ackerman and Mueller) and Mike's dad, Chad!

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  1. Mike and Mal. Great job on the house. And the blog. Even though I have stopped by to see the progress, it is fun to read about it in your blog.