I'm Floored!

Our floors are finished! The idea of giving someone money and complete control over essentially every room in our house did more than just frighten a pair of do-it-yourselfers like Mike and I. Luckily for us we had a wonderful hardwood refinisher, who helped ease our minds, (a little). What we thought would be an anxious 2 weeks while we patiently stood at the edge of our linoleum and hardwood intersection in the kitchen was actually only 6 days. The first day showed us that Brian the re-finisher was not your normal contractor when after arriving at 9:00 am he was still there at 10:30 pm. Even Mike couldn't keep up with him and had to leave.

The first step was to sand everything. To be honest, I thought the floors looked amazing after this step but it wouldn't have looked so nice after a couple weeks of shoe traffic and furniture scuffing.

Here's a couple pictures when I snuck in after Brian left:

After a layer of stain and a couple layers of polyurethane and a couple hours drying time in between, we were golden, well actually dark walnut.

For any locals, we can't say enough great things about Brian.  If you're looking for someone be sure to give him a call.

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