A Word From Our "Sponsors"

I work for a Construction Management / General Contracting company that also has painting and powder coating divisions.  Since I've worked my way up from the receptionist when I was still in college, I've worked in a lot of the divisions.  This means that I've got some perks.  I get a wicked discount at Sherwin Williams, (we do hundred's of thousands of dollars of sales there every month), and powder coating privileges.  Mike actually worked in the shop one summer when we were in school.  When we were looking at our original register covers, we knew we wanted them white, and knew powder coating was the way to go.

One of the benefits is they sandblast it down to the metal, (so much easier than striping ourselves), and then the powder is applied and a perfect coating.  They came out amazing, probably better then when they were new. Here's a picture to show you guys our gorgeous (like) new register covers:

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